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The first reason that Lifeway Church exists is to lead people just like you to follow Jesus!
Following Jesus is a journey that begins with the first step of believing that Jesus is who the Bible declares He is and confessing that He is your Lord.
If you are ready to follow Jesus right now, click the link below and begin the journey with us!


Lifeway Church, located in Dacula, Georgia, is a Bible-based, Spirit-filled, Family of Faith who makes the Word of God our final authority, and experience the power and presence of Jesus in every day life. We preach and teach the truth of the Word of God and don't compromise based on current trends, cultural changes or popular opinion. Everyone is welcome at Lifeway Church because we see each person as valuable to God. We're a place for kids, teenagers, young adults, families, singles and seniors - we are multi-cultural and multi-generational! 

Latest Sermon

"What's Missing In Today's Church?" - May 19, 2023 - Pastor Bruce - It seems that the modern Church has everything! Great organization, great buildings, great orators, great music, great programs, and even great entertainment. But the more "advanced" and "progressive" we become, the more people sense that something is missing. Or "someone" is missing. Where is the Holy Spirit in today's church? Are we embarrassed of Him? Do we put Him in a backroom for those special people who are super spiritual? Can the true Church be the Church without the Holy Spirit and power?

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