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Day 17 - Quiet Time

“My soul, wait only upon God and silently submit to Him; for my hope and expectation are from Him.” (Psalm 62:5, AMP)

When Jesus told His disciples to go to the upper room and wait, He didn’t give them a prayer list or tell them to have a seminar on the subject of faith. He said, you need power so go and wait. Sometimes we just need to wait on Him with no agenda of our own. Just a Bible, pen and empty notebook.

Just think for a minute about the negative connotation that surrounds the word, wait. When we wait in line, when we wait for a shipment to arrive, when we wait for our payroll check to be deposited, when we wait in the lobby at an appointment, it seems we "waste" a lot of time waiting. So, "waiting" in our minds is not good and not fun. It is something that we would rather not do. An exercise that we would rather not practice. We dread waiting. To the point that we think and feel, "I shouldn't have to wait. This is frustrating."

"Surrender your anxiety. Be still and realize that I am God. I am God above all the nations, and I am exalted throughout the whole earth." - Psalm 46:10 TPT

When God tells us to be still, it is because we need to know something and do something. We need to know that He is God, He is faithful, He is all powerful and He has your back. We also need to surrender our anxiety. Give up our stress to Him. Breathe deep, let it out and do it again, and again, and again. Until you get rid of all the stress toxins in your body and soul.

In our time of quietness with the Lord we are giving up all that concerns us so that He can fill us with His strength and wisdom. God wants to give us His perspective on the things that we are dealing with. He does this as we sit at His feet and surrender our thoughts and give up our worry.

What we are quieting in our quiet time is ourselves. We are not designed to carry the weight of the world and try to solve all of our problems and everyone else's too. God made us to focus on Him, trust Him and follow Him. Simplify and streamline our life by taking His hand and taking the next step that He shows us. Giving Him control.

Say this: I quiet myself before the Lord and give Him full control of me. I will be still and know that He is God.

Pray this: Lord, forgive me for carrying the stress and weight of the world. I repent for even thinking that I can figure everything out on my own. I give You all of my care and concern right now. I belong to You and trust You to work everything out that I am dealing with. Thank you for Your strength and wisdom filling me right now. You are good and faithful! In Jesus Name"

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