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Being Really Genuine, For Real! - Day 9

Today's word is "genuine".

To be genuine before the Lord in prayer, we have to be real. Being real means dealing with reality and dealing with the truth. I see our culture and society today drifting far from reality and far from the truth with the increase of "artificial intelligence" and "virtual reality".

Most people today are not sure what the truth is and not sure how to be genuine. The line between reality and the virtual world is so thin that it is almost non-existent to the current generation. Plus the more lies that are told, and the more lies that are believed takes people further, and further from the real truth.

Relationships are shallow because more relationships are online and virtual than genuine and in person. I believe that people are having a hard time being genuine in their relationships because they don't know how to deal with reality and the truth.

Now, regarding our relationship with the Lord, we must be truthful and genuine, because he is the truth and only deals with the truth. It reminds me of Matthew 15:8 where Jesus says, "these people honor me with their lips, but their heart is far from me." What Jesus was saying is, people can talk a good talk, but many times it's not heartfelt, genuine, or real. God is real and he wants us to be real with him.

He knows when we're frustrated. He knows when we're down and discouraged. He knows when we are weak. And he knows when we were lying to him. He knows when we are saying something to him that we don't actually believe in our heart. If we pray, Lord show me what I need to see, and we're not willing to look at it we're not being real. If we pray, Lord help me to change, but we don't follow through to do what he tells us to do we're not being genuine.
There are a number of verses that talk about God hating lies. We also have a verse that talks about the devil, being a liar, and the father of lies. God wants us to be genuine, real and truthful, because the power is in the truth.

So it stands to reason that God wants us to be truthful and genuine, as we pray. The only way that He can search our heart is if we are genuine and truthful.

As we're praying, and as the Lord shows us something, we have two choices. We can agree with him, because he's the truth, or we can deny what he is saying, by excusing ourselves, or ignoring what he said altogether. When we agree with him and his truth from his word, there's help and healing.

Once we see what we need to change and we turn to him, he gives us the steps for correction. But it all begins when we become genuine, real and honest in his presence.

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