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Gods Action Item List - Day 21

It's unbelievable how the first month of the year is almost over. I believe without a doubt that there is an urgency this year to do all that God wants us to do. A few days ago I used the term "immediate obedience" and I believe that term was divinely inspired. What we know to do, we need to do exactly when the Lord tells us to. Our life and others lives depend on it. Let's predetermine to obey everything the Lord shows us to do this year.

So yesterday we mentioned that the Lord has a report for us from the time that we spent in prayer and fasting with Him this month. There were things that we heard Him say to us and areas in our lives that He pointed out to us that needed to be changed. The things that we wrote down and recorded during this time is the "report of the Lord" for us.

Journaling is powerful. By journaling I mean the activity of writing down or recording in a certain place in a book or in our computer (phone) the things that we receive in our heart from the Lord. When the Lord speaks to us or impresses something on our heart by the Holy Spirit it is important and valuable. It is more than just a thought or a feeling. God communicates to us through His word as we seek Him and spend time with Him. The scriptures that we write down and the words and phrases that He gives us are wisdom and direction in our life.

It even becomes more valuable when we review it, revisit it and continue to pray over it until it becomes an "action item" on our daily agenda.

How many times has the Lord spoken to each one of us and we failed to write it down? If we don't write it down it is less likely that we will follow up on it and obey what He tells us to do.

Then there have been the times where we have written down the things that the Lord told us and it becomes like a chapter in a book that we never open again. (I have done this myself and this is the reason that I know it is easy to do.)

We have to be willing to admit that it is easier to hear from the Lord and write it down, then to give attention to it enough to put it into practice, and do it. The power in the word that comes from the Lord is expressed when we act on it.

Our spiritual "action item list" is our followup on what the Lord has told us to do. It is important to Him and should be just as important to us.

The Lord desires to see more fruit in our lives this year. He knows that we can accomplish all that He asks us to do because He gave us the power of His Spirit to do it. The question then becomes are we ready? Are we as convinced as He is that we can? Will we be diligent to step out in faith and obedience to act on the "action item list" that He has given us?

I say YES, let's do it!

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