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Have Faith, Be Bold

Boldness comes from having faith and confidence in God.

Ephesians 3:12 (The Message)
When we trust in him, we’re free to say whatever needs to be said, bold to go wherever we need to go.

Trusting God is the root of godly boldness. The more that we trust Him the bolder we will be.

Trusting God is believing that He is who He says that He is. Taking God at His Word is the core of the process of developing strong faith. The more that we know God's Word, the more we know God because God and His Word are one. He has given us His Word to reveal His character. He is trustworthy and true to His Word.

Every time that we trust Him in a challenge we strengthen our faith.

Numbers 23:19 (GNB)
God is not like men, who lie; He is not a human who changes his mind. Whatever he promises, he does; He speaks, and it is done.

God said it, I believe it and that settles it! Because God is true to His Word and fulfills His every promise I can boldly declare them. God backs His Word with His power.

We are to stand and declare that it shall be just as God has said! We are to say what He says and nothing else. We are to trust Him with our whole heart and not rely on our understanding but be bold and confident in our faith in Him. All things are possible to them that believe! Be bold about it!

Say this:
"I take God at His Word. The Word of God is deep within me and I believe every word that He has spoken. I trust God with all my heart. I will not lean on my understanding. My confidence is in Him. My faith in God is growing exceedingly and my boldness of faith is evident to all. I am bold in faith as I stand on God's Word!"

Pray this:
Lord, Thank You for being faithful and true to Your word. Thank You for giving us Your word so that we can know You and learn to trust You. I place Your word above and over all of the circumstances of my life today. I agree with You and will body declare Your word, in Jesus Name!

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