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Search My Emotions - part 1 - Day 14

Today's word is emotions.

We want the Lord to give us a check up. We are submitting to a spiritual examination of our heart, which is our mind, will and emotions. We want the Holy Spirit to search us and check every part of our hearts, and then give us a report.

So for the past two days, we've been talking about searching our mind. We could also say that we need the Holy Spirit to scan our mind for any thought patterns or strongholds that we need to tear down.

Recently, we were in the airport, and we went through security. Part of the process of going through security is standing in the scanner, so that it can detect if you are carrying any type of weapon. You walk into the scanner, lift your hands in the air, and the scanner performs an examination in about two seconds. If the test is clear and it does not detect any weapons on you, you are free to go. It is looking for hidden things that need to be removed.

So we are asking the Holy Spirit to scan us. Scan our hearts with his word to see if there are things in us that need to be removed.

Today and tomorrow I want to talk about another part of our soul, our emotions. First of all emotions are good. God gave us emotions to connect with others and with him. Emotions move us to do something. Emotions are God-given indicators that we are human. We can sympathize and empathize with others. By the way, because we as humans have emotions and computers do not have emotions, we have the capability of relating to people, and relating to God. If you ask Siri what she thinks about God, she will answer that she does not have an answer for that. Computers can never replace people.

Emotions are powerful, and this is why we need to be in control of our emotions, rather than allowing our emotions to control us. We need to take inventory of our emotions and learn how to control our emotions as much as we learn how to know what we are thinking and control our thoughts. Again, the Holy Spirit is our helper and he will examine our heart when we ask him to and allow him to. Ask him in prayer to examine your emotions. If you've been hurt, disappointed, brokenhearted, and continue to hang onto any bitterness, resentment or unforgiveness the Holy Spirit will help you in the area forgiveness.

So today, practice in your prayer time, allowing the Holy Spirit to perform a deep scan of your soul. Let him examine your emotions and the things that you've been dealing with in your emotions to see if there's any area where you've been over emotional, maybe even out of control emotionally. Ask him to help you correct that area and give him permission to heal your heart. Ask him to help you walk in the spirit so that your emotions do not control you.

Let's make a goal to be healthy in our soul in 2023. 3rd John 2 says, I pray above all things that you prosper and be in health even as your soul prospers. The Holy Spirit wants to produce soul prosperity in us, so that we are healthy even in our souls.

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