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Winning The Spiritual Warfare
June 7th, 2022
We have been given supernatural armor to win the spiritual battles that we face each day. The whole purpose of putting on the armor of God is so that we can: 1. resist the enemy and 2. stand in the vi...  Read More
by Pastor Bruce Rhodes
Knowing This
June 3rd, 2022
Joy comes from knowing and remembering. Knowing what the Word says about you stirs up the joy of the Lord that resides within you and strength is the result. ...  Read More
by Pastor Bruce Rhodes
Rejoice and Choose Victory
June 1st, 2022
When we choose to rejoice rather than complain we are choosing victory rather than defeat. The devil cannot stand when a believer overflows with the joy of the Lord. Satan's schemes are confused and c...  Read More
by Pastor Bruce Rhodes
The Turning Point
May 25th, 2022
God has called us to live in His kingdom not blend into the culture around us. The world is on a downward spiral but the Kingdom of God is stable and secure. ...  Read More
by Pastor Bruce Rhodes
Jesus Taught Persistence
April 22nd, 2022
Persistence is the difference between going all the way to the finish line and breaking down halfway there. You won't ever hear Jesus say, "well done, you good and halfway faithful servant." He empowe...  Read More
by Pastor Bruce Rhodes
Worship Is an Act of Faith
April 20th, 2022
Worship is an act of faith! To lift up the Lord with your voice and declare that He is King over your situation opens wide the avenue of His deliverance....  Read More
by Pastor Bruce Rhodes
Worship Pulls You Into Victory
April 19th, 2022
When you are tempted to get discouraged and give up, begin to worship the Lord. Worship brings the power of the Lord on the scene and produces breakthrough. Hook up to the power of worship, don't let ...  Read More
by Pastor Bruce Rhodes
April 18th, 2022
We are victorious over fear, sickness and death because Jesus went all the way victory for us! When we worship Him we join in His victory! Hosanna! Get the victory Lord! Get the glory!...  Read More
by Pastor Bruce Rhodes






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