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Exam Room - Day 5

Our theme is "Examine My Heart" and the key verse that focusing on is Psalm 26:2 - Test me, Lord, and try me, examine my heart and my mind. This is actually a honest and heartfelt prayer from David who is totally transparent before the Lord and wants the Lord to expose anything in him that could be wrong. Today's word is "EXAMINE". Examine means to test, prove and put on trial. It takes a brave person to say to the Lord, examine me what I need to see. Our prayer room becomes the examination room.

The Word of God is filled with passages on prayer, and one of the most powerful is Psalm 26:2. Where David is pleading for God to test him and show him his innermost motives so that he can judge hisself and make changes in his life in order to obey Him more faithfully. I think this shows us clearly why God called David a man after His own heart.

We don’t always see ourselves the way that God sees us, but when we spend time in prayer it becomes a kind of examination room where He reveals those things within us that need correcting. Let’s take a closer look at how this works.

What Does It Mean to Test Me?
When we ask God to “test me, and examine” what does that actually mean? Testing here refers not to a test of knowledge or skills but rather an examination of character. It means asking God to reveal any hidden sin or weaknesses that we may have in our hearts and minds so that we can repent of them and turn away from them. By asking the Lord to examine us through prayer, we open up our hearts so that He can shine His truth in us. His truth is the only thing powerful enough to help us change. We  receive wisdom from God on how to live according to His will and His plan for our lives. It helps us to truly understand where we can become more obedient as children of God who purpose every day do what He wants us to do.

Allowing God to examine us can be done during times such as reading scripture, fasting, praying out loud or silently meditating on the word, listening for His still small voice, even in a church service or bible study. The essential part of this examination is being honest with yourself about what needs changing within you.

Do you need to operate in more patience? More humility? Maybe more faithfulness? By taking an honest look at your heart and mind during your prayer time you will begin to see areas that need changing so that you can begin creating some goals and plans for change guided by the Holy Spirit.

So, Psalm 26:2 gives us a clear reminder that there is nothing hidden from the sight of God—and if He sees it then so should we! One of most powerful moments in our relationship with the Lord is when we say "here I am, I belong to you, examine me Lord." Go ahead be bold and try it right now...

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