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Day 15 - Prayer Life or Life of Prayer?

1 Thessalonians 5:17
(NKJV) pray without ceasing
(The Message) pray all the time
(NLT) Never stop praying

Reverend Smith Wigglesworth’s life was a life of prayer and power. When asked how long he prays each day he is quoted as saying, “I never pray for more than fifteen minutes at a time, but I never go more than fifteen minutes without praying.”

He believed that praying in the spirit was the secret to  success in ministry. He also knew that the key to being intimate with the Lord is to speak with Him continuously, just like you would any other friend.

We should "practice the presence of the Lord" so that our conversation with Him is woven throughout our entire day. Because the Greater One lives in us, we enjoy the privilege of communing with Him at anytime and anywhere.

The phrase "prayer life" is mostly used when we refer to the amount of time that we pray each day. We tend to think of our prayer time as something we do on our long list of daily tasks. Once we pray, we check it off our list and move to the next thing. Task driven and over-loaded.

Developing a "life of prayer" comes from an understanding of who we are in Jesus and who He is in us. Knowing that He is with us and in us brings an awareness of His presence.

Become God-inside minded by searching for scriptures that prove He lives in you.

Say this:
I live a life of prayer. I belong to Him and my time belongs to Him. The Lord speaks to me and I hear His voice. I give the Lord permission to speak to me at anytime today. I practice the presence of the Lord by speaking to Him continually.

Pray this:
"Lord, I am listening to You intently and purposely today. My time is in Your hand. My life belongs to You. I live to do Your will. I am at Your command and ready to do all that You tell me to. In Jesus Name."

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