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God\'s Report - Day 20

We have two days left in this current season of prayer and fasting. I believe it has been a time stretching and intense examination. In our class on Wednesday night people testified about the things that the Lord has brought out and shine the light on in their heart in life, and it has been very encouraging. I believe God is making his bride ready for doing the works of Jesus and reaping the harvest that is before us.

For the next two days, I want to mention an important part of the examination process, which is the last part that I will call "God's report".

Again, following our analogy of going to the doctor, to be examined and everything that that entails, we anticipate that the examination produces something. We want to know what's going on in our lives, so that we can make necessary changes.

We want to know what's on the final report. What did this time of testing produce? What is happening in our lives at this very moment? What are my areas of improvement that I need to work on? What are the things that I'm doing that I need to quit?

These things come to us in prayer by the Holy Spirit for us to record (write down) so that we can take action.

You would never go to a doctors appointment and pay money to have all of the test run and then at the end the doctor doesn't tell you anything or let you know what you need to do to become healthier. This would be absurd.

We want to know what's going on so that we can do something to become more healthy. In a spiritual way we want to know how to grow in the areas that we have been weak in. We want to change from faith to faith and glory to glory, moving higher all the time. We want to grow in our relationship with Jesus, and in applying His word to our lives. Intentional growth comes as a result of us doing something based on the report that comes from the Lord.

I love Isaiah 48:17 in the Passion Translation "I am Yahweh, your God. I am the One who teaches you how to succeed and who leads you step by step in the way you should go."

Rest assured, that God, your Father, the very One that has examined you by His Spirit, knows exactly what changes need to be made in your life. He is the one that teaches us how to make those changes and gives us heavenly strategies to guide us step by step in the way that we should go.

Spend some time looking over the scriptures that the Lord has given you during these last 19 days and begin to make a list of things that He has revealed to you and the things that He has told you to do. Be specific. God is specific, right?

Consider this as your report at the end of the examination. And of course allowing the Lord to examine you is not just a 21 day is a lifelong consecration to always open your heart to Him.

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