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Building Yourself Up - Day 17

This is day 17 of 21 days of DUNAMIS the power of prayer…today’s title is Building Yourself Up…during these 21 days we are connecting the power of the Holy Spirit to prayer. Jesus wants His Church to be bold and pray with power. Jesu wants His body to be a force of righteousness on this earth.

Listen to this powerful verse in the book of Jude verse 20 - But you, beloved, building yourselves up on your most holy faith, praying in the Holy Spirit,

There are many verses that explain about praying in the Holy Spirit or praying in unknown tongues in the New Testament…but this is one of my favorite…because there are many times that I need to be built up or recharged or spiritually energized.

Let’s face it we give out all the time. We are constantly giving our time and attention to others and listing to their challenges and struggles. We hear their stories and our heart goes out to them. We want to help them and do something for them when we listen to them explain what they are dealing with. And many times we listen intently with our heart and we pray for them. When we pray for them we are extending our faith to join with their faith so that they will have a favorable outcome. We pray for them to experience a victory in their situation and we are standing on God’s word to see His will come to pass in their situation. This is when we give out spiritually. And this is good and this is what God created us to do…BUT this can be exhausting…if we fail to fill up our own tank.

Filling up our tank when it gets low is our responsibility. God has given us a way to be built up and to exercise our spirit in order to connect with His spirit.

It is kind of like when our battery becomes run down in our car. It may have enough power to turn on the radio but it is so weak that it cannot crank the engine. It needs a “jump start”. So we connect the weak battery to another source of power that is stronger to start the engine. I believe that each of us need a jump start everyday.

We need the power of the Holy Spirit in our prayers to revive us, refill us and wake us up with the resurrection power of Jesus. This is exactly what happens when we pray in the spirit. We activate our spirit by calling on the Holy Spirit within us. We give Him our voice and He gives us the words.

There is absolutely no way that I can overemphasize the benefits of praying in the spirit and how it builds us up with strength, courage and boldness. Our Father has given us a way to connect with His Spirit in order to be continually built up and strengthened! Pray in the spirit!

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