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Day 15 - Who is a Disciple?

“Then Jesus turned to the Jews who had claimed to believe in him. “If you stick with this, living out what I tell you, you are my disciples for sure. Then you will experience for yourselves the truth, and the truth will free you.” (John 8:31–32, The Message)

Jesus defines a disciple in this verse. Notice that He is talking to people who are believers that He is the Messiah. They are already believers and He is telling them what distinguishes a disciple from a believer. It is obedience and perseverance.

To obey someone you must know what they want you to do. The one that is leading is the one that is giving the instructions so that those that are following can do what is expected. This is the key in discipleship. As disciples of Jesus we are not doing our own thing. We are not making it up as we go along and living our lives for ourselves. If we have truly given our lives to Him, then He is leading us and giving us daily instructions to follow.

Think about this...when you receive a box at the front door with something in it that has to be put together, do you look for the instructions first or do you just start trying to fit the pieces together and look for the instructions if you have a problem?

If we don't follow instructions precisely then our project will not turn out like it was designed. And we could have to undo work that we have done in order to do it over the right way. There is a reason that the instructions are in the box and there is a reason that we should follow the instructions rather than just trying to figure it out ourselves.

Jesus wants our obedience in discipleship. He is teaching us to follow His instructions. One step at a time.

The second major point in this verse is perseverance. Jesus wants us to obey all the way to the end. To stick with it. When He gives us instructions we must do each step in correct order for the result to be the way that He wants. Remember, it is His will and not ours that is best.

Jesus said to stick to it. Go all the way to the end. Be patient because our life with Christ takes a lifetime. We shouldn’t give up halfway. He is working out His plan as we trust Him and take the next step that He gives us. This is obedience and perseverance.

Are you continuing to obey His instructions? Do you know what He wants you to do? Are you sticking to it?

Say this: I am a disciple of Jesus because I am following His instructions and sticking to them. I will not quit and not give up.

Pray this: "Lord, I hear Your voice today and will do what You tell me to do. My life is not my own, I belong to You. I am listening for Your instructions and will follow each step in the correct order. Thank You for leading me. In Jesus Name"

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